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The Ultimate Comfort: Round Dog Bed with Attached Blanket


Welcome your pet into a world of unparalleled comfort and security with the Round Dog Bed with Attached Blanket. Designed for pets who crave that extra bit of warmth and comfort, this bed is a sanctuary of calm and relaxation.

Round Dog Bed with Attached Blanket

A Serene Haven for Every Nap and Night

Transform your pet’s sleeping experience with a bed that’s more than just a resting spot; it’s a warm embrace. The anti-anxiety hooded donut design and attached blanket provide a secure, cozy environment for pets who need a little extra assurance.


This bed’s dimensions, 81.3L x 45.7W x 43.2Th centimeters, make it an ideal choice for pets of all sizes. Crafted from premium fabric known for its softness and durability, it ensures your furry friend’s comfort is never compromised. Plus, with the convenience of being washable, maintaining a hygienic, welcoming space for your pet is effortless.


  • Supreme Comfort: The attached blanket offers additional warmth, making it a perfect snuggle spot.
  • Stylish Choices: Available in colors like sophisticated black, regal purple, and vibrant red to suit your style.
  • Versatile Sizing: With options from small to large, it’s easy to find the perfect fit.
  • Washable Material: Easy to clean, ensuring a fresh and inviting bed for every nap.


  • Space Requirements: Ensure you have adequate space in your home for its size.
  • Regular Cleaning: To maintain its comfort and hygiene, frequent washing is recommended.


  • Anti-anxiety hooded donut design for pets seeking extra security.
  • High-quality, durable, and soft fabric construction.
  • A range of sizes to accommodate pets from small to large.
  • Washable for easy care and maintenance.


The Round Dog Bed with Attached Blanket is more than just a pet bed; it’s a haven of softness and warmth. Whether you’re aiming to reduce your pet’s anxiety, provide a cozy nesting place, or simply bring a stylish accessory into your home, this bed is the perfect selection, promising countless peaceful sleeps.


Q1. How does the attached blanket benefit my pet?

It provides an extra layer of warmth and comfort, ideal for pets that love to snuggle.

Q2. Is the bed suitable for both dogs and cats?

Yes, its design caters to the comfort needs of both dogs and cats.

Q3. Can the bed be easily cleaned?

Absolutely, its washable feature ensures you can keep your pet’s sleeping area clean and fresh with ease.