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Charming Paw Print Puppy Collar & Leash Set for Small Dogs & Puppies


Adorn your small dog or puppy with our Paw Print Puppy Collar & Leash Set, the perfect blend of style, comfort, and security for your little companion. Ideal for enhancing your pet’s wardrobe, this set is sure to turn heads during your outdoor adventures.

Print Puppy Collar & Leash Set

Step Out in Style with Our Adorable Paw Print Puppy Collar & Leash Set

Dress your puppy in cuteness with our charming paw print-designed collar and leash set. Designed specifically for small dogs and puppies, this ensemble offers both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.


This set features a matching collar and leash adorned with delightful paw print patterns that will make your pet the center of attention wherever you go. The adjustable collar ensures a perfect fit, providing comfort and safety during walks, while the leash offers reliable control.


  • Adorable Design: Eye-catching paw print pattern that’s perfect for all occasions.
  • Adjustable Fit: Easily adjustable collar ensures a snug and comfortable fit for small dogs and puppies.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable materials designed to withstand the excitement of playful pets.
  • Coordinated Set: Matching leash and collar offer a harmonious look.


  • Size Specificity: Primarily designed for small breeds and puppies, not suitable for larger dogs.
  • Design Variability: Limited to paw print design, which may not appeal to all pet owners.


  • Crafted with durability and comfort in mind to accommodate the playful nature of puppies.
  • Stylish paw print design that enhances your pet’s adorable appearance.
  • Adjustable collar paired with a sturdy leash for optimal control and comfort during walks.
  • Suitable for casual strolls and special occasions alike.


Our Paw Print Puppy Collar & Leash Set is more than just a pet accessory; it’s a way to express your pet’s personality and style. Perfect for small dogs and puppies, this set ensures that your furry friend is always stepping out in style, comfort, and security.


Q1. What sizes does the collar come in?

The collar is adjustable, designed to fit most small dogs and puppies.

Q2. Is the material safe for puppies?

Yes, the materials are chosen for their durability and pet-safe qualities, ensuring they are suitable for even the most playful puppies.

Q3. How do I clean the collar and leash set?

The set can be gently washed by hand with mild soap and water, ensuring it stays fresh and clean.